Rhyme of the Ancient Astronaut
To John Glenn, who lifted the spirits of schoolboys - beyond Earth

Oh melancholy veil of velvet nights
Thy kindred stars within thy down turned bowl
Oh shining shimmer, distant ancient lights
Marooned, alone am I, my cosmic soul
My gossamer wings rotting on desolate shores
My phoenix, now an albatross, never burns
My sweet machines rusted, molded, with dust and spores
Treacherous time this trick has played, no hope returns
Ancient cities from which I came, all gone
The Sun, dead star; Venus, Earth, Mars, destroyed
Aeons I sailed, to nothing I belong
Such punishment devils have not employed
The last of man to live and cry alone
To waste away, so slow, as ancient stone

Eternal cracks the tortured, broken mind
That once did fly galaxies of wonder
Was sent out there, the best of human kind
To voyage, to search, to seek, God up yonder
And oh if I could sail again, shining stellar seas
This flesh would flush with vibrant fiery blood
I’d steal the Apples of Hesperides
And fly forever the endless cosmic flood
Would face the demons of the Argonauts
Would brave the Purple Plans of old La Nore
My God! My God! I am an Astronaut
If I cant fly, then let me die, and live no more
Too old am I to sail, too old to fly
Too old to hope, to love, too old to die

On Saturn's moon I waste away forever
What logic is, by logic is conceived
But all too soon what was, now is never
And all that ever was, was all that we believed
Perhaps within the great expanse of time
My next of kin sailed out into the stars
Somewhere out there, may children laugh
and church bells chime
May humans love with hope, between the wars
They made me all I am, synthetic man
Then out beyond the great beyond I found
my cosmic soul
I reason they still reason, on distant sand
Somewhere out there, within dark night's,
velvet melancholy bowl
But now I shut me down, ten thousand years
and sleep a good long sleep
And Cosmic God, who gave me human tears,
I trust my soul will keep.

Stephen Wayne

Copyright SunShine DixieLand  2003