Early spring 2002

for my wife, Leesa
by Stephen the Plebeian

When I touched you, before the sunrise
Laying my right hand between your breasts
upon your heart
I could feel its steady beating, keeping time
An eternal rhythm, an endless rhyme
With the pulse in my fingertips
With my own loving heart
You are in me, and I in you
God has made us Man and Wife
But this is foolishness
in the minds of modern men
Who have said in their foolish hearts
"there is no God"
A stumbling Stone to righteous man
who proudly wears his righteous rags
Who is nothing more than dust
and moldy sod
In you I have lived... to the world I have died
As the Great Prince Michael so loved his Bride

When I touched you, before the sunrise
In the third watch of a sleepless morning
As God was betrayed by men thought wise
My heart betrayed was new love learning
Where Hope Eternal on angel wings rise
From the darkest hour of the darkest night
To the Endless Dawn of the eastern skies
Where Love still lives by Love's own light
Where men cannot see, and men cannot hear
The beating heart of Love's sweet grace
They long for that which becomes so dear
God's purest Love on their lover's face
Then I kissed you, my wife
kissed your silent lips, your sleeping eyes
When I touched you, my life
touched you ...
before the sunrise.

Copyright SunShine DixieLand Company 2003
SunShine DixieLand Company