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We citizens of the several States of the Union of the United States of America, representing ourselves, and
other citizens of similar and sound mind, do hereby submit this petition for a redress of grievances to the
federal government of the United States of America.
Herein we respectfully ask that duly sworn officials within the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of
the federal government make, and effect, a hearing, review, and answer to the following enumerated
We further ask that such a hearing, review, and answer be expedited, and made a matter of immediate public
record, in such a manner as heretofore prescribed by law under the authority of the Constitution of the
United States of America.        
We hereby attest, and affirm, our continual loyalty, and allegiance, to the Constitutional Republic of the
United States; and we further attest, and affirm, that honest, and open, answers to the questions of these
grievances (such answers being made by the government) are essential to the common good of the peoples
of the several states; to the intent, and purposes, of reaffirming, and securing, the legally held rights,
liberties, and constitutional guaranties, heretofore enjoyed by said peoples.

First Grievance: Whereas ARTICLE IV, Section 4. Of the Constitution states; "The United States shall
guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government", such guarantee has, in effect,
been greatly subverted. Numerous executive orders, bills of legislation, and judicial opinions of precedence,
in effect as federal law to date, are to all intent and purposes anti-republican and unconstitutional. Any such
federal law which supersedes the enumerated, written and expressed powers contained within the text of the
Constitution of United States is, in effect, subversive, and causative of irrefutable harm to the rights,
liberties, and freedoms of the peoples of the several States.
Witness to wit, AMENDMENT X of the Constitution states; "The powers not delegated to the United
States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to
the people."
Any accepted legal definition of what constitutes a Republican Form of Government must be ascertained by
an honest, conservative reading, and interpretation, of the actual text of the Constitution. However, other
essential documents, written and attested to by the framers of the Constitution, such as the Federalist
Papers and Declaration of Independence, should be considered.
A careful study of the Constitution, and the essential documentation's of the founders and framers will revel
that unlimited federal powers, undue regulations and government interventions, and oppressive
bureaucracies of waste, mismanagement, and corruption are not what our forbears intended. Such a
government as we now have cannot, in anyway, be considered a healthy Constitutional Republic; and such a
government cannot, and will not, "Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity".

Second Grievance: Knowingly, and willingly, preventing viable, infant human beings from being born by
any means and methods agreeable to the federal government is nothing more than state sanctioned murder.
Any viable human child who can be born, by natural, or accepted medical means, who is prevented from birth
by abortion, or any act of killing, has in effect been deprived of life and liberty without due process of law.
No rational, civilized human being would kill a child one minute after the time of its birth, nor one minute
before; and no rational, civilized government would allow, as a legal procedure, to partially deliver, in birth, a
viable human child for the purpose of killing that child.
The concept that any citizen of the United States should have the absolute power of will, to deprive any
viable human being the right to life and liberty with out any due process of law, is a concept allowing slavery
and involuntary servitude; which are unlawful under AMENDMENT XIII of the Constitution. Any State
which fails to protect the weakest, most vulnerable of humanity under its law is a State of treachery, and

Third Grievance: The failed social policies, physical irresponsibility, and continual waste,
mismanagement, and corruption of the multiple federal bureaucracies are a violation of the public trust, and
constitute a deplorable misuse of public funds; the result of which is the levying of a heavy, and oppressive
taxation. This heavy tax burden stifles the initiative, and destroys the incentive of the private sector to grow
the nations economy; which further worsens the economic, and social ills of the nation. The continual
disparagement of the public trust by the misuse of public funds, and the resulting ever increasing tax burden,
is an indictment, in fact, of the present federal system of anti-republican, anti-liberty, anti-freedom
government - a government which must be reformed in adherence to the logical principles, and precepts, of a
healthy, Republican Form.
Any government which takes from its citizens, individually or collectively, more than twenty percent of their
yearly increase (profits) is, with out a doubt, a government of tyranny. The people of this nation, individuals
and companies, should be allowed to keep and enjoy, at the least, eighty percent of their own hard earned
moneys. At present, taxes, federal, state, and local require about half of everything everyone makes. We
are then, half way to totalitarian socialism. It is imperative that we reform, and reaffirm ourselves, as a
healthy Constitutional Republic - if we do not we shall inherit the wind, and our Republic shall not stand.  

We submit this petition with all due respect to the Congress of the United States of America. A true copy of
this document having been sent by way of the United States Mail Services on Monday the fifth day of
August two thousand and two, to Congressman Ander Crenshaw of the fourth congressional district of the
State of Florida, U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, DC.
We shall also publish true copies of this petition for the benefit of the peoples of the several States of this
Union; and ask all citizens of like mind to make and send signed copies of this document to their respective
Written, attested, and signed by Stephen Wayne Hampton Sr. On this fourth day of August in the Year of
our Lord two thousand and two, in the County of Nassau, the town of Bryceville, in the State of Florida.

God Bless America, may He grant us His Grace, so that we will govern ourselves in
Truth, Liberty and Justice, may the will of His Divine Providence fall upon us as
Righteous Rain…  that we will grow and prosper a True Nation…
 “of the people…  
by the people… for the people".
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