When you get sick on those cold long nights of winter, let your dogs in the house
and say to hell with the dirt. Rest, relax, and drink a lot of hot chicken soup -
homemade if you can get it. A little good whiskey like Jack Daniels mixed with
honey and lemon or lime or orange juice (fresh squeezed is best and you may
want to stir in a crushed baby aspirin) will also help. If you got good dogs, they
will wine and whimper, and simper over you, and lick you, trying to make you feel
better... Your significant other (if you have one) will do better by doing your
chores and allowing the dogs to do what they can probably do better anyway...
And the dogs won't catch your flu. As soon as your fever breaks and the chills
subside, and the nausea, and diarrhea are damned... Get up and take the dogs
for a walk and thank the Great Spirit God of Natural Creation for your survival. If
you do not survive, the rest of us crackers will give you an appropriate wake...
And take care of your dogs.

SunShine DixieLand Company
Cracker Cure for Swine and other Flu's
Copyright SunShine DixieLand Company 2009. All rights reserved.