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Diamonds From The Moon

                               Stephen The Plebeian

                         For Diana

All the shallow, noncommittal days of the last, so called,
sexual revolution have ended; and miraculously, romantic
love has somehow managed to survive. This is as it should
be. Indeed, as it must be - at least in my own poor, plebeian,
mind. Because, I very seriously doubt that a civilized species
(or any species for that matter) could long survive without
some healthy institution for propagation; and the key term
here is healthy.
Oh yes I have heard, and read, the prophets of the "Brave
New World" as they have expounded upon the supposed
benefits of the coming "Bio-Technocracy". Wherein they
prophesy that parthenogenesis (virgin origins) will become
common place. Genetically engineered, and disease free,
test tube babies. Who will then, no doubt, be reared and
raised, by asexual, pseudo-sexual, or some other type of
sexual people, as we more normal (at least in nature, more
normal) heterosexuals will no longer be necessary for the
procreation of humanity.
Such a system for human reproduction, I fear, at its very
best, would be dehumanizing. At its very worst, would be, a
monstrous mutation of what God's creation of natural
selection intends.
This is not science-fiction fantasy; not in the least. Make no
mistake about it, there are persons working to this very end,
this very day - the synthetic regeneration of human kind, by
some preconceived, limited notion of what human kind
should actually be. We can only hope, and pray, that when
they have perfected their biology, and their technology, that
they will also have perfected profound wisdom, infinite
understanding, and complete cosmic awareness - necessary
prerequisites for any beings who would attempt to fill the
shoes of God, creation, and natural selection.
In this day and age of deadly social, sexual, disease, decay
and decadence there is still only one truly healthy means of
bringing the next generation of human beings to viability;
the old tried, but true, romantic love which leads to
monogamous marriage of commitment between a man and a
Romance, the very foundation supporting the pinnacles
beneath the altars of heaven. God is still Love; and enduring,
endearing love of commitment between a man, and a
woman, is still the personification of God's image. The
healthy, prudent and proven means by which men and
women, with the blessing of God, recreate humanity. Thus it
is called Holy Matrimony. Romance is not merely the
beginning of such love, it is also the continuance of such
love. Too many times it is true that as romance succumbs so
does the glorified, sanctified union.
In this realm of love and romance there are certain gifts given
to human kind; and it is said of them (the gifts) that they
come free of charge. But, in reality, the keeping of those gifts
demands the paying of an infinite, therefore humanly
impossible, price - and yet we mortals try. In that quixotic
trying is the misery, and the ecstasy, the triumphs, and the
defeats, the total living of the human experience.
The most precious, illusive, and hauntingly beautiful of those
gifts are diamonds from the moon. Most all who possess the
pleasures of sight have seen their images. When the face of
Diana's orb (the moon) shines full and lovely these sparkle,
and glimmer upon the waters of the earth. If a man, and a
woman, make a true, and sincere, commitment of love (and if
they are blessed) they may then obtain the diamonds. They
may hold them and keep them. But only within their hearts,
and their souls, and their minds; and then only for a given
time - in the end they must always be returned unto the
waters from whence they came.
In love, never is the purgatory of passions denied. Love of
that vein cannot, will not long survive. But in the same light,
passions void of real love are the dredging from the sewers
of Hell. Sadly, many of our fellow human beings seem
content, and happy, to walk among the sewers. Which is
their undeniable right. Although we may grieve for them, we
must not despair. There is real hope of human salvation,
because, in love, the majority of human kind do aspire to
higher ground; and, many times, unto those of the higher
aspirations will come the greatest gift of all - children.
Children to be loved, nurtured, educated, and eventually
emancipated. Children who may, very well, one day sail on
the wings of the cosmic bird and patty-cake on the knees of
I have written a song with a poetic interlude to express the
fleeting tempo reality of human love and romance. It is
dedicated to lovers everywhere, and to the children of lovers
everywhere - may they forever strive to catch their diamonds
from the moon when these sparkle, and glimmer, upon the
waters of the earth.

There's a river running through the night
that your eyes will never see
Broken hearted bitter tears are cried
in the pain of destiny
There are shadows from the past that hide
in the things that used to be
Did I say forever, yes I lied
forever knows reality

And yesterday is like tomorrow
when today is all there'll be
Like diamond moonbeams on the water
dancing down around the keys
And forever means forever
forever love will never be

Catch the diamonds in the water
out beyond the cedar key

She walked with me beside the shore
and sang of dreams that could not be
Told lover's lies of ever more
then stole some diamonds from the sea
She placed them here within my hands
then touched my lips with a magic kiss
But still they slipped like falling sands
our love she said is so like this
As angry dawn broke scarlet red
the saddest thing she turned and said
Lie down with me upon this key
until life's tide takes me away
Then like a sailor home this eve
watch our diamonds dancing o'er the bay
And then her eyes welled up with tears
she wept for death had come too soon
Our loving lives, our loving years
were just the diamonds from the moon
Her spirit sighed, she sailed from me
took back my diamonds into the sea

Come with me upon that river
past the jetties to the sea
Where the silvery moonbeams shiver
in the waves around the keys
Lay with me upon that island
'neath the cedar boughs that sigh
Kiss away the tears I'm crying
love will live, but lovers die

And yesterday is like tomorrow
when today is all there'll be
Like diamond moonbeams on the water
dancing down around the keys
And forever means forever
forever love will never be
Catch the diamonds in the water
out beyond the cedar key

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