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A Fundamental Reformation of We the People
       Stephen Wayne Hampton

Good government is wise and frugal.  It restrains men, and women, from
injuring one another, but otherwise leaves them alone to manage their own
living, to enjoy their Godly freedoms, to prosper in their lawful pursuits of
happiness; leaves them alone to thrive in their just liberties, to delight in
their own fruits, the profits, of their own labor and industry.
Good government establishes and maintains equal, legitimate justice under
the ethical rule of law. Justice that is blind to color, blind to race, blind to
base doctrine, blind to wealth, power and prestige, blind to the petty
differences and contemptible creeds of humanity; but justice that is never
blind to the truth.
There is no hypocrisy or demagoguery in good government. There are no
Machiavellian princes of power daily discrediting their oath of office,
disparaging the common good of the people. In good government, such
villains are indicted, impeached, and removed by an established system that
daily strives for truth and justice, demanding the highest moral and ethical
integrity in all public servants. The liar, the perjurer, the embezzler, those
who peddle the powers and influences of office for personal profit and gain,
all those contemptible public enemies who disguise themselves as public
servants, are not tolerated in good government.
Good government, with wisdom and prudence, curtails it's bureaucracies. It
polices them daily to eliminate, wherever humanly possible, waste,
mismanagement and corruption. Thereby it alleviates, and lessens, the
inherent tax burden of those bureaucracies, lifting those unwarranted
burdens off the good shoulders of the people.
Good government does not steal bread from the mouths of labor. Neither
does it oppress the children of labor. It encourages, and rewards the hard
work and success of it's good citizens - mostly by leaving them alone - it does
not overly manipulate, or unduly regulate, the private sector. It does not
impress it's people into a deplorable system of dependent servitude, it frees
them to pursue their natural propensity for success, it encourages them to
achieve, to excel, it does not impede their progress or stifle their initiative, it
protects them and their hard won affluence. Good government procures, and
maintains, equality of opportunity, in education, and in all endeavors of
society, for the common good of it's people.
Good government, with wisdom and forethought, practices social, physical
and moral responsibility. The policies and initiatives of good government are
logical, workable and affordable. It will maintain a social conscience of
prudence and thrift, it will balance it's budgets, reduce it's deficits, minimize
and honor it's debts. It will manage the public assets, openly and honestly, in
such a manner that will strengthen and honor the public trust. When there
are legitimate surpluses, it will return the benefit of those surpluses to the
hard working productive people from whence it came. The simplest, wisest,
most economically prudent means of accomplishing this is to quickly,
effectively lessen the tax burdens of all citizens. In good government there is
no taxation without legitimate justification.
Good government does not segregate it's people into opposing factions, it
does not stir up strife and enmity between various groups of it's citizens, it
does not promote contention among the economic, social, religious or secular
classes. Good government does not disparage it's own people. It lifts them
up by good example and good leadership to aspire to that "MORE
Good government is a good neighbor to other peoples and other nations.
Protecting it's own, defending it's friends, standing strong and firm against
it's enemies, it's goodness and justness are established at home - then
spread abroad to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples.
All this is the doctrine of good government, all this that is necessary to close,
and preserve, the circle of our felicities, our highest happiness.
In these United States of America today, there is no doubt that we need a
reformation of good government. But the question is, who is responsible?
The answer is, good citizen, look in the mirror, you are responsible!
In this great and mighty democratic republic of representative government,
the ultimate authority, and responsibility, to govern rightly and justly will
always rest squarely upon the shoulders of we the people. For every right we
claim we must realize a responsibility, for every liberty we enjoy we must
shoulder an obligation. We will have the government that we deserve, and it
will be no better than we are.
We the people must not commit the sins of ignorance, apathy, complacency,
and mediocrity. We must not be deceived by those liars, hypocrites, and
demagogues who seek to reinterpret and redefine, reinvent and disparage,
defame and demoralize the good and just heritage of our nation. They are
fear mongers, race bait-ERs, and befoul-ERs of truth, they preach and teach
pseudo philosophies, pseudo sciences, and pseudo theologies. They seek to
divide, decimate, and discourage the good will of the common people, to
burden the people with ever increasing taxation, to bury the people under
mountains of illegitimate legislation, and intrusive regulation, to exempt
themselves, to set themselves up as the elect, to rule over us "ignorant"
people with their hateful pseudo government of elitist apartheid.
By such sins and sinners as those listed above, the blood, sweat, and tears of
our forbears will be desecrated. By such degradation, great and mighty
republics of the past have fallen - we are not immune to that degradation.
Good citizen, it is our righteous responsibility, our sacred obligation to
ourselves, our heritage, and our posterity to overcome and defeat the liar,
the hypocrite, and the demagogue in the present day social wars of ideals
and precepts.
Our greatest and best hope in this regards is to effect a reformation of good
government under the authority and the responsibility of the God given
conscience and the good common sense of the people's majority.
The first step, good citizen, in this reformation is to obtain for yourself and
your family a true copy of the Constitution of the United States of America,
it's articles and amendments. You must read it and understand it, you need
not memorize it, but you must know it. It is the gospel of our rights and
liberties, the secular bible of our national conscience, the foundation of our
good, and limited, government. It says what it means and it means what it
says. You must teach it to your children - those of the elitist apartheid will
not teach it - indeed, they seek to subvert it, but you must not let them
succeed. You can not uphold, you can not protect, you can not defend that
which you do not know. As you love this nation and your freedoms you must
do this, and you must give this inheritance to your children. Keep your
constitutional bible handy to refute the baseless arguments of your enemies,
the enemies of our hopes, our liberties, our highest ideologies - the enemies
of our good nation.
The second step in this reformation of good government is to practice your
rights and obligations in the democratic process of electoral government.
You must do this on the federal, state, and local levels of government. Once
again register to vote: reaffirm your oath to uphold, protect, and defend the
Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign or
domestic. Affiliate yourself with those in the political process who are truly
striving for the restoration of good government (listen to what they say, but
watch and see what they do, and judge them by the good "fruits" the good
things they cause to grow and prosper). Consider the candidates accordingly,
evaluate them by the ultimate test; their adherence to the constitutional truth
of good, and just, and limited government. Then, good citizen, vote your God
given conscience and your good common sense. Republican democracy of
representative government, unpracticed by the majority of the people, can,
and will, deteriorate into a tyranny of the few over the many - the opposite of
good, righteous government, the opposite of our good, just heritage.
The third step on this road of many steps toward our ultimate goal of good
and just and limited government is this; picking up that torch we must never
put it down. We carry that light by living as good citizens, daily, without
ignorance or apathy, fearlessly, we must seek out and lift up the light of
truth. As our forebears did, we must pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our
sacred honor to establish, and maintain, that which is just, and right, and
good. All this. "We the people" must do for America, for ourselves and our
children, for our neighbor and our neighbor's children, for the good benefit of
this generation and generations to come. As God has given us the awareness
to conceive it. May he also give us the wisdom, the knowledge, and the
understanding to achieve it. May it be said of us. that we the people aspire to
divine truth and Godly justice, with real charity of altruistic love for all
One more thing, good citizen, that we should consider for the success of this
reformation, for the ultimate good of our nation; Consider the color of your
skin. It is the same color as my skin, the same color as your neighbor's skin.
It is not red or yellow, it is not brown, black or white - the color of your skin
is the color of humanity, we are all people of that color and the shade of that
color is meaningless before truth, justice, and the righteousness of the
common good. We must not listen to the false preachers and false teachers
of hate and dissension. They sow the seeds of fear, mistrust, and
degradation. With self righteous greed and deplorable hypocrisy, they seek
to disparage the good citizens, and this good nation - they serve the pseudo
government of elitist apartheid - they truly fear We the people with our God
given conscience and our good common sense. Their fears are justified, they
know for a fact that good citizens make good government - good government
that will prosper and preserve a nation, a nation that truly strives for truth,
justice, and the righteousness of human liberties and freedoms, a nation that
does not consider, or reward, the liar, the hypocrite, or the demagogue.

Now we will leave you with a song, a new song for a new reformation. Keep it
in your heart, your soul, and your mind. Teach it to your children, believe in
yourself and the ultimate power of goodness. Trust in God, the Holy One of
All Creation, who still directs the affairs of men, who will ultimately draw all
humanity to the eternal light of truth.
"And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and
they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning
hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn
war any more."
"Little children of God, if you have ears to hear, hear the truth: if you have
eyes to see, see the light."

I lay down beneath the tree of liberty, I closed my eyes, I started to            
I washed my hands in the blood flowing all around
Somebody said these roots grow deep, this soil is rich, this ground is           
But now I'm a wonder 'n why the leaves fall down
Those old white men are preach' n at me, what are they doing, here in         
my dream
Why do they bow and pray, for a revelation
Look at our children dying on the street, look in their eyes, are they            
finally free
I think that there just might be, another revolution
Somebody tell me won't you tell me the truth, is it me, or is it you
Why do we spill this blood, if it isn't for freedom
Red and yellow brown black and white, children of Love, when will               
you walk in the light
When will you give your soul, to this sweet salvation
I woke up this morning and I couldn't believe, where is our hope,                 
where is our dream
There're burning the Book of Love, and the Constitution
(and I said hey! hey! hey! hey!, hey! hey! hey!, hey!, what's going on!)

REFERENCES: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson,
Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Jack Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Martin
Luther King Jr., Isaiah, Jesus Christ.