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Day of the Lord

We have a rendezvous with God
On His transcendent shore
When this terrestrial sod
Shall be dissolved, forevermore

When all the powers of the cosmos fail
The earth and the skies, melt away
When every soul of heaven and hell
Come forth for judgment day

He will open the books of the dead
Also, the Lamb’s Book of Life
Every name… and every account
Will then be read
(Eternal truth, immortal steel)
The great physician’s knife

All will bow… the proud
The arrogant, the rich
The poor, the meek, the foolish loud
The harlot and the witch

All murders, liars, prophets and kings
The shaman and the wild
All the hopeless and the helpless
(The blessed redeemed)
And every unborn child

All things done and things not done
Will be judged by Perfect Love
In that hour and day of the Eternal Son
Known only to my Father above

The living will stand on His right
The condemned will depart to the left
(Weeping and gnashing of teeth)
(Where the worm never dies)
But the bride most beautiful
Still lives eternal
The light of Emanuel’s eyes

(The hour is certain the day is sure)
The earth and the heavens
Shall be born again
Then death and time forever
Will be no more
We have a rendezvous with God
On His transcendent shore

Stephen Wayne

References: All the prophets and apostles
in the word of God; the standard King
James Bible.