Knocking On Heavens Door... David Barnes
A good friend passed away Sunday
evening.  David Barnes.  He suffered
for a long time and was very tired of
being sick. He just turned fifty two.

He is the owner of this beautiful farm
where I have lived, and worked and
played with my horses, for the past
several months.

David will be missed greatly! He is a
good man. Before he became sick with
kidney failure and loss of eyesight, he
worked with the Nassau County Sheriff
and also State Corrections departments.

He is survived by his Daughter Becki,
and many relatives and friends... we
pray for all of them... and ask you guys
to pray with us... for the living.  He will
be buried on Friday.

David's prayers were answered.  He
did not want to suffer anymore. His last
words to me...

"When the winter comes... and the sun
is not so bright that it hurts my eyes, I
can still see about four feet in front of
me, you can ride me around in your
pickup and show me what you have
done to this place.  I really appreciate
what you are doing for Becki... just
keep doing what you are doing... she
tells me how good the old place is
looking. I haven't seen a lot of it for
nearly ten years."

I promised him I would... and I will.  
Now he can see it all!

This is my song for David... I added the
third verse... just for him.

"Momma, take this badge off of
me...cause I can't wear it any more...its
getting dark, too dark to see...feels like
I'm knocking on heavens door...

Momma, put my guns in the
ground...cause I won't shoot them any
more...that cold dark cloud is coming
down...feels like I'm knocking on
heavens door...

Momma, kiss and close my eyes...and I
won't feel the pain no more...I see that
light up in the skies...feels like I'm
knocking on heavens door..."

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