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CD Title - Candle In My Window
Track 01 - A Candle In My Window
Track 02 - Jesus Is All In All
Track 03 - Jacksonville, Florida
Track 04 - Jesus and Elvis, Glory
Track 05 - Nassau County
Track 06 - Why?
Track 07 - Amazing Grace
Track 08 - Tree of Liberty
Track 09 - The Gates Of Hell
Track 10 - Pretty Little Heart Breaker
Track 11 - New Verse, Old Anthem
>Traditional country and gospel music CD.
Produced with Cypress Studios of
Jacksonville Beach, FL. Completion date was
June 2003.
Dave Plummer, Production manager and
sound engineer
Aubry Dykes, arrangements and keyboard
David Jax, drummer
Jimmy Epps, base guitar
Stephen Wayne, music, lyrics, vocals,
Leesa Lynn, vocals
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