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Saint Valentine's Day 2003: How Could I Not Love You?
Written approximately seventeen Februarys ago.
Oh Columbia
A sonnet of tribute to seven brave souls.
France 'a
Sonnet de le harlot
The Rite Of Spring
"In the morn'en of the wear'en of the green"
Pax Americana
A good and just cause.
When We Fall Asleep
"What worlds of wonder will fill our dreams?"
The Rose of Sharon
Jehovah Shalom
The Keeper of Horses
The Man among the myrtle trees.
Rape of the Southern Witch
Down east of Eden and south of old
a warm and rising Southern
Before The Sunrise
When I touched you...
A Prodigal's Prayer
My Father...  My Father...
Day of the Lord
We have a rendezvous with God.
Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut
To John Glenn, who lifted the spirits of
schoolboys -- beyond Earth
The Ballad of George W
High Noon 2004
Diamonds From The Moon
The most precious, illusive, and hauntingly beautiful gifts ever
given to humankind.
The Reformation of Allahnon
Through a quantum window of time
It Takes A Man (To Love A Woman)
Like The Rose
You are special!
me quede sonando despierta esperanzas
I Stay Dreaming Awake