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Saint Valentine's Day 2003
How Could I Not Love You?

Saint Valentine was arrested and charged with treason
against Rome, centuries ago. He could have saved
himself by worshiping Caesar as a god, but he would not.
When he was brought to trial, and the charges were read
against him, he plead not guilty, and he made this
" Although I love Caesar, as I love all my neighbors, as I
am commanded to do by my Lord and Savior, I will not
worship him, or any mortal king."
Valentine was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death.
He was held in prison for several months and given the
opportunity to recant, but he remained unwavering in his
convictions to the end.
Valentine was a well-known man of letters and a capable
physician. The captain of the jailers asked Valentine to
treat his blind daughter. He was not able to help her
regain her physical sight, but he taught her to see more
clearly through the windows of her soul.
On the eve before his execution, Valentine wrote to his
young pupil (who he dearly loved, as he loved all people)
a beautiful farewell letter. He signed the letter, "Your
In honor of Saint Valentine, and his commitment to
unconditional love, we have written this poem;

How could I not love you?
Could I think of just one way?
If I passed my life so thinking
'Till they lay me in my grave?
How could I not love you?
Will there ever be...  Such a day?

When the sun warms not the isles Carib
and Atlantis rises
up from the ocean
When the ancient kings return to Thebes
and the children again
go down to Goshen
When the snows of Kilimanjara
are never far away
When the sands of the great Sahara
wash down to Botany Bay

How could I not love you?
Will there ever come...   Such a day?
When raging winds of silence resound
in the face of a hurricane
When the blessed Earth spins not around
and the heavens forever
withhold the rain
When the golden Dalia Lamas
of Shangra-La decay
When there is no panorama
o'er the bridge at San Luis Rey

How could I not love you?
Must all soon have some way?

If you took a secret lover
And smashed my heart like clay
If you left me for another
And stole my soul away
If you then awoke to find
His love was lust that died so soon
Would you then come back to me my love
Bitter sweet as the seasons of the moon?

Then could I not love you?
Never say never
in passions play

How could I not love you?
There is but just one way...

By the veil God's love has torn
By the oath that I have sworn
Never could I love you
If never I...   Was born.  

Stephen Wayne
Early February, 2003