A Prodigals Prayer
My Father!  My Father!  The chariots of Israel and the horsemen thereof
You are the ancient of days, the one and only God, the Holy creator
The savior of all who are saved, the builder and maker of Zion
From everlasting to everlasting, eternal, in Faith, Hope, and Love
Before the foundations of the earth and the heavens were formed
By your predetermined counsel and foreknowledge all things are done
In you, my Father, all things are complete, all things are good
as you alone are good
But I have become a heap of rotting decay, as a stinking corpse
to be eaten of worms
A fool’s testament of filthy, diseased, and unrighteous rags
All who see me hiss; they shake their heads and click their tongues
Saying, “He would make himself one with the Son of the Living God
A fool who can save no one; not even his own foolish self
Let us see if his God will save him now”; Their mocking mouth’s gape
Father, I have sinned great sins; against you alone have I sinned
I beg you; I beseech you by your own loving kindness
and your great tender mercies
Do not look upon my sin; do not consider my iniquities
But put them for from you, for your own name’s sake
for a witness of your great salvation
I have nothing to plead, but the blood of your Son
I have nothing to bring, I have squandered all, everything
I am not worthy to be called your son, make me a servant
Make me a slave to your will on the earth, the least among the least
in the Kingdom of Heaven
That I may eat of the crumbs that fall from the King’s table
That I may wash the feet of the brethren… and live
Oh my Father, why have I sickened myself with this foolish pride?
How can I trust in my own lovely laurels, my beautiful letters?
These are nothing but dung, an abomination of man’s thinking
How long will these simple-minded things abide?
When the golden apples of the summer sun are rotten
in winter’s eternal darkness
When the scarlet thread of my life is cut and the cistern of my soul
is broken at the wheel
When the righteous judgment of almighty God is a searing, fiery flood
a sure and certain tide
When this mortal coil of creation has melted away to nothing…
When the glorious age of grace is ended, and the fullness of time
has come…
Who then will remember what I have written… what I have said…
what I have done…?
Who then could remember…?  But the infinite mind of eternal God!
Father, remember my sins no more forever; heal my heart, my soul
my mind
Cure all this disease of death, this unbelief
Relieve this sickness, this foolish and temporal pride
Let every song of praise… praise you forever and ever
The great I Am…  The only life…  The only Savior…
The Father…  The Son…  The Holy Spirit…  Amen.


Copyright; SunShine DixieLand Company 2003.
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