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                The Rite Of Spring
"In The Morn'en Of The Wear'en Of The Green"  

On a warm night past in the very last
sweet hour before the dawn
When dreamers dream best and lovers find rest
as the dew falls on the lawn
Young Lorna of Doone by the light of the moon
to my window came call'en for me
Her ivory skin, spring fresh from the glen
"in the morn'en of the wear'en of the green"

From her sweet warm breasts was my soul soon blest
with a nectar to rally this lad
Though hell in the hills scorch the rye in the fields
and death comes laugh'en like a cad
From her lips rosy red like the dawn o'er my bed
came these words from my love Lorna Jean
"Lay with me for a while and give me a child
in the morn'en of the wear'en of the green"

I whispered "My love, if God's will is ever done
in this hour you shall conceive"
And we clung together two lovers from the heather
will'en lust to ripen our seed
With tears in her eyes, though she smiled still she cried
wish'en life would fulfill her need
And she soon fell asleep and her breath'en came deep
"in the morn'en of the wear'en of the green"

 Stephen Wayne
                                        March, 1984
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