Hello, my name is Stephen Wayne, and yes, I do want to sale you something. But
hold the phone, don't hang up yet, this is something that you actually need if you
drive a motor vehicle of any kind, anywhere in America.
I want to sale you a seat in my School of Safe Driving where I will teach you how to
stay alive on modern high-speed highways ... The most dangerous place in America.
Thousands of people die each year on our nations highways ... That mortality rate is
too high and it can be brought down ... More lives can be saved.
I have over thirty years, and literally millions of miles, of safe (mostly paid
professional) driving experience and a perfect driving record...  No driver avoidable
accidents or on road break downs.  Luck had nothing what so ever to do with that.  I
am a certified safe driving instructor, certified by a world wide leader in the
employment and training of safe professional drivers.  I am confident that I can give
you the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to become a safe,
professional driver ... Regardless of where you drive or what type of vehicle you
drive.  I can teach you to operate, safely and proficiently, anything from a dirt bike to
a Peterbuilt.
If you enroll in my School of Safe Driving, and you show up, you will not fail ... My
students are not allowed to fail.   
I teach one student at a time, and I stay with you until you are certified class A  CDL.
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