SunShine DixieLand Company


Stephen Wayne

Illustrated by

Stephen Wayne Hampton Jr.

Additional illustrations by

Harvey Hampton

Edited by

Bill McClamma

Written for Natasha; who had a deathly fear of snakes.
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(c) SunShine DixieLand Company 2003; all rights reserved.
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I once had a friend who had a fear of snakes.
He saw snakes everywhere, for goodness sakes.
He saw snakes in his dreams, and when he was awake...
My friend saw snakes on the mountains,
snakes in the valleys,
snakes in the streams, and...
snakes on the lakes...
He saw snakes in buildings,
snakes on bridges, and
snakes in ditches...
He saw snakes in briars,
snakes in brambles,
my friend saw snakes...
everywhere he rambled...
It was almost beyond
belief...  He saw
snakes in the forests,
snakes in the fields,
and snakes in the
He saw snakes in the
grass, he even
snakes on the road...
He saw snakes all
around his favorite
fishing hole...
and snakes in the river cane brakes...
Everywhere!  Everywhere!
For goodness sakes...  Snakes!
My friend saw green snakes,
black snakes, blue snakes, and
glass? snakes...  He saw
diamond back rattlers and
various pit vipers like desert
side-winders, and a coral
snake from Java...
He saw cotton mouths,
copperheads, cobras and black
and one very large...  anaconda!
My friend saw all kinds of snakes, he saw them all.
He even saw snakes in his home, climbing the walls;
in his bedroom and bathroom, slithering down the halls.
He saw snakes under his dining room table,
in his living room, on his back porch, and
even in the gables.
He saw snakes in his garage, and in the
leaves that he raked...
Everywhere!  Everywhere!  Snakes!  Snakes!  Snakes!
For goodness sakes...  snakes!
Then one day on a picnic my poor friend almost died;
but he hadn't been sick!
It's irony I guess but he
wasn't snake bit.
Was a simple thing
almost killed my snake
fearing friend;
A ridiculous thing that
nearly done him in...
Yes he could have been dead,  yes he could have been gone;
Although he just chocked, my poor friend almost croaked...
On a chicken bone! ?
But as he lay gasping on his blanket in the grass
A slippery old snake came slithering past.
My friend jumped in fear, and ran, SLAM! into a tree
It knocked him out cold, first he fell to his knees
And that nasty old bone poped right out, pretty please...
My friend stunned, but breathing, lay
there quite unawares
As that snake slithered cross him and
went on to his affairs...
Like all good heros who have
done a good deed
He snaked toward the sunset
with all God-speed.
And the morale of this story (my dear young cabbages) is;
The  things we fear the most are not, necessarily, the things that
can make us ghosts.