The Song of Adam... The Song of Light... The Song
of The Firstborn... The Song of Creation.

Transcribed by Stephen Wayne; beginning Tuesday February 26, 2008. Old
Plank Road.
Before there was light... Before there was darkness... Before there was
space... Before there was time... There was God...  One Spirit... And there
shall we always have been... Eternal.

And Spirit God said; "Let us make for ourselves a creation of ten... Seven
seasons of perfection, and three seasons of completion."  As the Spirit spoke,
the Spirit moved, and it was so.

From the formless void of nothingness, came forth the darkness of space and
time... By the will of the Spirit. And the Spirit sang of Light, and the Light
came forth... And the Song began... Eternal... And so shall it always have

And the ten Spirits of God, seven of perfection, three of completion, ordered
the ten laws of creation. The law of light... The law of darkness... The law of
space... The law of time... The law of matter... The law of energy... The law
of love... The law of hate... The law of life... The law of death...

And by these laws so ordered, was all things created, and given powers to
exist... Each in its time and season... Together... In eternal creation. The
powers of light... The powers of darkness... The powers of space... The
powers of time... The powers of matter... The powers of energy... The
powers of love... The powers of hate... The powers of life... The powers of
death... And so shall these always have been... Eternal.

And Spirit God smiled upon the Earth... Unique among all the powers of
creation... And the Spirit sang a new song... "Here will we plant us a garden...
Here we will make us a Man... Here will we have us some children...  Here will
existence... Began, to understand."

As the Spirit Eternal sang... The Spirit Eternal moved... And it was so. The
song of Adam... The song of millennial man... Began... Eternal... And so shall
he always have been.

"And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own
likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth: And the days of Adam
after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and
daughters: And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty
years: and he died."

To be continued...
Interlude; I actually believe that Adam existed. A real man, not a myth. The first
"Modern Man" Homo Sapien Sapiens. I also believe that Eve, his wife, was made
(genetically engineered) from him. "Flesh of his flesh, bone of his bone... His sister,
his wife."
I further believe that these two, the first parents of humanity (Homo Sapien Sapiens)  
were designed to live for ten centuries, rather than the ten, or less, decades... As is
the normal case - at this time.
Adam did not evolve from a mindless series of natural chances...  He is not a
mathematically impossible, scientifically improbably, cosmic mutant. He was made...
And he lived into his tenth century of life.  
We, his decedents, all modern mankind, have degenerated - mentally, physically, and
spiritually from that which we were in the beginning of our awareness... BUT, we are
still living, from generation to generation, and there is still hope that we can once
again... Be as we were intended to be... Homo Sapien Sapiens, Sons and Daughters
of God... Perfect in mind, body, and spirit.

Do not believe the dooms day prophets... They are all wrong... You, mankind, my
brothers, my sisters... Were not created for eternal death. You are wonderfully made
for Eternal Life.   For this cause are we all given life, to witness it by living it, and to
testify of it's truth - all that is, as it is. Truth cannot be deceived... Only by lies are liars
deceived. Therefore we know, the truth shall have always... Set us free.

I LOVE YOUS GUYS! (All Humanity)
I am yours,
"There shall be seven perfect notes in a song... Do Re Me Fa So La Ti... (the eighth is
as the first and is of the seven) And three perfect  musical spheres... Melody, and  
Rhythm, and Harmony... By these shall the song be written... By these shall the song
be sung."  Eternal Spirit.
Born In Winter
Monday, March 3, 2008
Old Plank Road

The old brown leaves fall from gray winter trees...
They will rot in the dampness of the rich black earth...
Why should I rake them about...
(Except that I am an Englishman desiring a pretty green lawn...)
They make good compost, neatly piled, for a garden...
Hungry I am for a more natural produce - and maybe a few lovely flowers...
But a better desire I have, one plot to have and to hold...
Not in a cemetery of gray winter trees...
But in an open field of sweetest green, spring grass - and maybe some wild flowers...
Where wild horses may graze in quiet contentment...
Where a she-wolf may whelp her pups...
Feeding them well on the sweet-meats of summer...
Before the old brown leaves fall from the gray winter trees...
And a young mare's breath is frozen fear... Hearing the howling pack... Smelling her
own blood... Scenting the hunters... Fleeing with her foal...
Born just after midnight, the little girl runs with her mother, on long natural and
beautiful legs. Toward the dawn - with graceful power of eternal life...
Sam, one day old, running with her mother. Photo by Sylvia Rose. January 2007. Bryceville, Florida.
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