Summer Wine and Tony Lama Boots
Stephen Wayne
Hard Core Country 3
Wednesday September 17, 2008
I walked in town wearing two hundred dollar tony lama boots...
I'd wrote some songs and I just knew I couldn't loose...
She saw my tony lama boots said 'cowboy lets pass some time...
And I will give to you... my simmer wine...' oh... oh,oh... summer wine...

In a rundown hotel room up round sixteenth avenue...
I passed some time with her a better time I never knew...
She was just as sweet and warm as the wind in the Florida pine...
And she gave to me... her summer wine... oh... oh,oh... summer wine...

Strawberries cherries and an angels kiss in spring...
Her summer wine was really made from all those things...
Took off my tony lama boots and helped her pass the time...
And she gave to me... her summer wine... oh... oh,oh... summer wine...

My eyes grew heavy and my tongue started getting loose...
I tried to get up but I couldn't find my boots...
She reassured me with an unfamiliar line...
And then she gave to me... more summer wine... oh... oh,oh... summer wine...

When I woke up the sun was shinning and she was gone...
My guts were burning and my head was spinning round...
She took my tony lama boots a hundred dollars and my lucky dime...
And left me craving for... her summer wine... oh... oh,oh... summer wine...

'Young lady if your out there listening... you can keep my lucky dime...
And you,re welcome to my hundred bucks... hell sugar, you earned it...
But, would you please bring back my boots... they are a special gift from a
very special friend of mine... and when I leave Nashville, go on back to
Florida, and show up at her place without them boots... there's gonna be hell
to pay... where the sun don't ever shine... ya-know what I mean... anyway...
Considering all that happened the other night... honey, you probably got bo
coos of boots... and you damn sure don't need mine... so call me, or look
me up on line... Stephen Wayne... John's little brother... Damn sugar, I'll
even give you a hundred to boot... If, I get back mine...'

Stephen Wayne
(Guitar Cords)...(Capo 3rd fret)

Summer Wine
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"Summer Wine" is a song written by Lee Hazelwood. It was originally sung
by Suzi Jane Hokom and Lee Hazlewood in 1966, but it was made famous
by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood in 1967. That version was originally
released as the B-side of "Sugar Town" the previous year before featuring
on the Nancy & Lee LP in 1968. It was the first of Sinatra and Hazlewood's
string of popular duets.

Lyrically, "Summer Wine" describes a man, voiced by Hazelwood, who
meets a woman, Sinatra, who notices his silver spurs and invites him to
have wine with her. After heavy drinking, the man awakens hungover to find
his spurs and money have been stolen by the mysterious woman.
In Stephen Wayne's 2008 version, she gets his tony lama boots, one
hundred dollars, and his lucky dime... In his own words, "Something like this
really did happen to me years ago in Nashville... I was a young, good
looking, singing cowboy, new in town. I hired a professional escort... a pretty
young thing I met on sixteenth avenue. She showed me everything (and
more) that I wanted to see. Any of you young yahoos going to Nashville for
the first time need to pay attention to this song... and while you are there...
have a real good time... I did! :)"

The song was later covered by Demis Roussos, Bono of U2 with The Corrs,
Gry with FM Einheit and his Orchestra, Anna Hanski & Lee Hazlewood,
Scooter (on the 2000 album Sheffield), and by Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon
for the soundtrack of Das Wilde Leben. "Summer Wine" was also covered by
Ed Kuepper and Clare Bowditch on the cult Australian music gameshow

List of interpreters[2]
Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom
Lee Hazlewood & Anna Hanski
Patty Boyd & Demis Roussos
The 98% American Mom & Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band
Gilles Marchal & Martine Habib
Roland Kaiser & Nancy Sinatra
Ben & Tamara
Nana Gualdi & Ralf Paulsen (as 'Sommerwein')
Belle and Sebastian (as 'Dog on wheels')
Ronnie Urini & Venus
Dick Watson
Evan Dando & Sabrina Brooke
Some Velvet Morning
The Corrs & Bono
The Jackson Code
Red Alix-CJOB (feat. Yvette Shaw)
The Bellicoons (as 'Summer wine, single edit' and as 'Summer wine, soapy
Zeppelin mix')
Marie Laforêt & Gérard Klein (as 'Le vin de l'été')
Bo Andersen & Bernie Paul
Dennis 'Cannonball' Caplinger & Sharon Whyte
Brunetta (as 'Dove vai?')
Ruçhan Çaraay & Tanju Ökan (as 'Babam gibi')
Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon (+ mixes)
Demis Roussos & Petula Clark
Emilie Simon & Alain Bashung
Stephen Wayne
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