[ FanArt | Final Fantasy VIII ]
Comments: I thought it would be nice to show you
guys an icon of the fan art. So far, they're all done in
pencil. And the Selphie and Zell one isn't finished yet, I
just wanted to put it up. Hopefully, there will be more.
[ Original ]
Comments: Since anyone who wants to know what
the 'original' characters look like from the Anguish of
Mind series, I've just made text links. ^-^ All done in
pencil. I hope you don't make too much fun of Beau's
[ Ceramic Stuff ]
Comments: This is actually a miniature version of my
old house on Mercury Drive. At least, that's what It's
supposed to be. It mostly looks the same, but I had
added a few touches here and there to make it look
better-- cause I needed a good grade. xD
Comments: We were asked to make light switch
covers for our bed rooms and to attach three items. :/
I didn't know what to do, so I made this for my mom,
because she likes bowling.
Comments: While everyone else was busy finishing
up their light switch covers, I made this for myself. It's
really tiny. x_x; But awesome. xD
Comments: Near the end of the school year, Mrs.
Smith asked us to make "real food" as she called it.
o_o; I didn't know what to make, so I did cookies. :D
Which she rather liked. xD
Comments: We were also asked to make "funny
food" so I made a Chicken Sandwich. XD He turned
out better than I thought he would. ^_~
Comments: A tea pot? I think that's what it's
supposed to be. Anyway, it's a spin-off of my favorite
piece, Detox. :D I'll put him up later though. ^-^
Comments: When Mrs. Smith didn't like the first one,
she asked me to make another one and this is what
happened. xD I like it cause it's a little more true to
Detox. ^-^
Comments: Coil pots? No... just no. e_e
Comments: First and ONLY attempt with red clay. It
sucks ass. I dries faster and you can't use slip
because... THERE IS NONE! x_x They're candle
holders. We were forced to make a pair. >_>; Do they
look the same to you? xD I thought so.
Comments: Now this. This was cool. I really liked
making this one. The vein-like things sucked though.
It was fun carving them in there but a pain in my ass
when I had to paint them. x_o; It turned out nice
though. :D
Comments: Ah, yes. This is the perfect example of
why you should WASH your project as soon as it's
taken from the kiln. Otherwise, when you got to paint
it, and then cook it, all the paint flecks off. :/ This
actually has a pair, because we were told to make a
box and a tile with the same theme. ^-^ I'll find the tile
Comments: Here's the tile that I made. It was
supposed to be bigger-- six by six inches, you know?
But there were other people's tiles, from previous
years, hanging in the hall of the building... and they
were all five by five inches. u_u So I did as those
before me and took the four points off.
Comments: Everyone had to choose from these mask
molds, there were like, a million. x_o And then
decorate their mask with something about themselves.
:o Rose is my middle name, and I hadn't tried to make
one yet, so I decided on a rose for the mask. >_> I
like the leaves mostly. xD
Comments: This was actually a lid to a small dish I had
made. My very FIRST project in Ceramics with Mrs.
Smith. :/ But, the dish broke when I was bringing it
home or something like that, so now there's just the
lid. xD
Comments: I made a couple of these. It was one of
my many side projects that Mrs. Smith loved to see. :D
She said I always came up with strange things...
Although Daniel came up with some WEIRD shiz. >_>
I think she tried to ignore his stuff though. I think it
scared her. xD
Comments: Finally, you get to see the full version of
the picture up there! :D This piece, I got a 98/100/100
grade on. The two points? The moogle wouldn't stay
in the tree trunk until after I coated it with TONS of the
clear sealer. :/ But it turned out perfect, other than
that. I would kill people over this. ;P And the quote in
the pond is from Final Fantasy IX. ^-^
Comments: Umm... Side project. Supposed to hold
stuff... but it hardly hangs on the wall. o_o It just looks
Comments: Detox. My second attempt at ceramic
crafting. We were told to make an animal. A bunch of
people made rabbits, cats, dogs, you know, that whole
'normal' thing... with normal colors. XD Let's just say
that I wasn't quite on my rocker at the time, but it sure
did get everyone's attention and they all liked Detox. It
was pretty good for a second attempt. <3 There was
even once a webpage made
just for Detox, but that
was a while ago.

It'll take a little while to add a bunch of stuff to this,
but I got a few things up. :D I wouldn't have added
this if I didn't think the fanart of the FFVIII
characters were halfway decent.