The Ballad of George
                 by Stephen the Plebeian

Can be sung to the tune of Tex Ritter's "High Noon"

Do not forsake me oh my darling, on this fair November day
For I must face all those who hate us, or lay a coward in my grave
Do not forsake me oh my darling, I made my vow I won't look back
I'll do my best for this great nation, in spite of lying democrats

As the sun stands high, I'll defend the bill of rights
No matter what those lesser men my say
With this badge and this gun, and some good republicans
Together we'll defend the U.S.A.

Do not forsake me oh my darling, on this grand November day
No terrorists will I ever pardon, each murderer will have to pay
Do not forsake me oh my darling, I gave my word and here I'll stand
Against the evils of oppression, for liberty in this blessed land

As the sun stands high, I'll defend our human rights
No matter what those Taliban may say
With this badge and this gun, and some good republicans
Together we'll defend the U.S.A.

We need some volunteers, a posse of loyal American Citizens. We need hard working,
dedicated Public Servants in the United States House and Senate; strong Governors, and
capable Representatives in State Houses all across this land. We need conformation of
judicial appointments, men and women of sound mind to make sound judgments in the high
courts of our nation. So go to the polls in November and vote with your God given
conscience, and your good common sense. As long as I am High Sheriff I will do my part and
lead you in the American way; in Truth, and Liberty, and Justice. With your support, good
citizens, we will defeat all of our enemies, and we will make this decade one of the greatest
in the history of the United States of America.
                            Yours Truly; High Sheriff and Public Servant, George W.

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Well, now I know for sure that I am A real Republican and a true member of the vast right wing conspiracy.  
When this picture came in the mail I immediately stuck it to the wall above my desk.  I think they are a
lovely couple.  Without a doubt, they are the classiest couple to occupy the White House in the past several
Yes, I know that a lot of other working class peons just like me got the same picture with their name and
state being the only difference....  But you know what....  I'm still proud of that picture because I'm proud of
them, our President and First Lady, and I'm proud of their leadership....  I am very glad that a lot of regular
people got a picture just like mine....  I am very proud of the every day go to work and get it done people of
this great United States Of America.
If you didn't get your picture, just let me know.  I'll drop Laura and George a note, and I'm sure they'll be
glad to send you one.  Hey don't chuckle, I'm just a truck driver and I made the list....  Here lately I 've made
a lot of lists....  Hope you all enjoy the ballad...  SW
Did not get my picture
I got my picture
High Noon 2004 will soon be here, all the demigods
and dirtmen of the modern democrat party must be
defeated at the polls, please do your part and vote, and
if you will, please email this page to all your contacts.  
Sincerely Yours,
Citizen Republican:  Stephen Wayne Hampton

Copyright SunShine DixieLand Company 2003
SunShine DixieLand Company