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Wile E Quixote
David Callin

His plots,
his brilliant ploys,
his cunning capers
are his alone. Had he
a help-meet, a sidekick,
an unsentimental peasant
to warn him and to heckle,
to look doubtfully
whilst sucking snaggle teeth,
would that be better?

He has the sorrowful countenance
of an unsuccessful wolf:
woebegone and wistful
and slightly singed,
always slightly singed.

His courtship is a series
of untimely detonations,
of frantic scrabbling
in suddenly thin air.
He won't give up.

Maybe behind some bush
or in the very next canyon
this mad pursuit will end,
and he will catch
the fabulous bird -

an unimaginable

David Callin
Lives on one of Britain's offshore islands