The Reformation of Allahnon
Stephen the Plebeian

Through a quantum window of time
I sailed into my own sweet fantasies        
In search of reason sublime
I spurned this world’s old grim realities
Round mystic kays* plied passion’s waves
On seas of great complexities.....

But certain things so terrible
and loneliness unbearable
Brought fear of old insanities...
the soul itself, must brave
From deep within my mental spleen
Came visions I would not have seen        
Their vivid spectral coloration
Became myself... my reformation
Where a night becomes ten thousand days        
Ten thousand days... one night
In the absence of divisions
Twixt the lesser and the greater beacons
In the hellespont of all creation

Was there my soul soon came to be
As complex fetal froth upon that sea
Blown through the windows of rebirth
Where new the heavens, and new the earth
Eternal transformation,
Of mind... and soul... and sod

And there within the Aeon rain*
This cosmic bird gave trillabon*
Sang life and death be not in vain
Sang life, and death, and interim I... are one
Allahnon* be gone... Allahnon be gone...

                                                           Stephen Wayne

Kays: keys, islands in the sea
Aeon Rain; eternity
Trillabon: singing beautifully, or cosmic bird song
Allahnon: the Godless
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