Home Made Videos
Over the past year or so, I've collected video clips on Brent's camera. Only just
recently have I had the time to upload them to the computer and place them
here on the website. Dad and I both hope you'll enjoy them, as some are his
clips and some are mine.

There are also movies that Dad has made from these clips and other pictures
that we've taken around the house and also when we travel.

Since there are so many videos, I've given them each their own page for you
to view them. The links to these pages are below and to your right. Just over
there. ---->

-Sylvia Rose
Amazing Grace
Gates of Hell
and Twenty Thousand Angels
Dancing Sisters
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SunShine DixieLand Company
This is a video clip of
mostly Stephanie, but
also has a little of Brent,
Harvey, and Stephen.
Videos and Synopsis
Jacksonville, FL
This is a movie that
Stephen made that has
various clips and
pictures. It plays to the
song Jacksonville,
The Saddest Thing
a Sylvia Rose Video
The Saddest
Thing MV3