But I never thought it would ever actually happen, until the day I met a girl, who would change the way I thought about everything..."
Original Prologue
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»»»»»» Prologue
       It was the hundredth summer since the five kingdoms decided to crown the King of Traval as Tenorious, or
High King. The Kingdoms have lived peacefully since that day and in order to keep it that way, they chose to
make this tradition. The current Tenorious would choose which King could have the title of Tenorious when he felt
it should be passed on. As of yet, the title of Tenorious has been passed on five times and will soon be passed on
again. However, the original choice for the next and Seventh Tenorious, was the crown prince of Traval, Treyvs
Verasille, who died before the title was given to him. The cause of death was that Treyvs had fallen ill from his
travels to the West, where he was asked to speak with the local dragon guardian and come to the conclusion as to
why there was a dragon at the base of the mountains that was freely killing humans.
     Upon Treyvs' return to the castle, he was so weak from exhaustion that he was taken directly to his chambers.
Once there, the royal family's Mage diagnosed him with an incurable disease that would take his life before the end
of winter. After this, no one but the royal family was permitted to see him. His father and Sixth Tenorious, King
Laric, tried as best as he could to find a Mage, or anyone for that matter, who could cure him. As his father
searched, Treyvs' youngest sister, Turi, stayed by his side as long as should could to care for him. When he could
bear the pain, he spoke to her of his travel to the west. However, he did not last through the winter, and passed
away in his sleep.
      A grand funeral took place, where every King, Queen, Prince, and Princess came from all over the five
Kingdoms. Even Dukes, Duchesses, Barons, and Baronesses came to see the young prince laid to rest.
      Instead of the normal dreariness of a day when family and friends are placed in their final resting place, the
sky was clear of any sight of clouds and the sun seemed as if it refused to set. The day felt like it was mocking
Treyvs' death. Not only was the sun out the entire day, it seemed to dodge every cloud that appeared in the sky.
Other than the harsh wind, the day was perfect for an outing. Even though it was winter, the snow had long ago
melted, but the coolness would not leave until the end of the next cycle of the new moon.
      The kings from the other countries brought gifts for the Verasille family as offerings to feel their empty spaces
after such a loss. Countrymen from all over Traval came with smaller offerings of their own, of which were the
very best they could afford to bring for their king and his children. The kingdom grieved their lost prince for
several days after they placed him to rest in the Verasille family tomb, just within the castle gates.
      The king himself was devastated, having losing his Queen years before and now having to lay his only son,
and heir that would carry on the Verasille name, to rest. There was no survival for his clan, but he would be
damned if he did not save his kingdom and countrymen from extinction. With the thought of his kingdom's future
turning into chaos, the king of Traval decided he had no time to waste before he had to choose the next option
for the seventh Tenorious. His plan was to choose a prince that was not an heir to his own family's throne and
make him the next king of Traval, as well as Tenorious. After all, what king wouldn't want their son to have such a
promising future?
      After speaking with the King of Traval's neighboring kingdom, Filliak, King Verasille and King Ryden decided
upon Ryden's second and youngest son, Aknai Celestin, to become the new Tenorious and king of Traval. The
only thing Aknai had to do was choose one of the three Princesses of Traval and take her as his Queen. Then he
would officially become king of Traval and would be acknowledged by King Verasille as a worthy option of the
seventh Tenorious. Which would be a simple, clean, and quick transition.
      However, there seemed to be a problem with each of the three princesses that Aknai couldn't seem to look
Inside a Reverie
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  "I've heard several different stories, since I was very young, about the average boy who becomes his nation's hero.