[ Inside a Reverie ]
Summary: A story of a boy who's life is
change by a girl he met one day during a
war where people gave up on hope. It's a
continuing story that I keep adding little by
little onto. It started as a rant and made itself a
plot line for an awesome story in my eyes.

Look at all this stuff! I've been workin' hard. xD
...not. Anyway, everything is listed from NEW to
OLD. Enjoy. ^-^
[ Irreplaceable Souls ]
Summary: Just something I came up with
during a hard time with my friends and family.
Loss is always difficult, but you can pull
through it, like many before you.

[ The Protector of the Youth ]
Summary: Let's see... It was inspired by
some 'corny' thing that I said to Heath on his
Xanga the night before... But I'm not sure it
really has anything to do with what I said?

[ Almost ]
Summary: It just came to me after watching
InuYasha on Cartoon Network and being
'told' by Megan, Darren, Dad.. You know, I
got stressed and boom this came out. I think
it's nice, but probably hard to understand, I

[ Reach Out and Touch Faith ]
Summary: Another for Jenn and Heath, no
matter what the circumstances are at the
moment. ^-^ I still love them both and this
poem was written to try and cheer them up,
but I never gave it to Heath and it didn't do
much for Jenn.

[ Overwhelming ]
Summary: This is for Jenn and Heath. But I
told everyone I would give up on trying to
help the two of them out. I said I'd stop, but
it's futile to just give up on something so
perfect and I just hope it will all work out
somehow. I love them both, because they are
my family- my mom and pop. ^_~

[ Rapturous Affection ]
Summary: It's a poem. o_o That I did for
Jenn and Heath, two very good friends of
mine, the summer we all met. n.n Love them
both very much.

[ Patience ]
Summary: Alright, so this one I made
because everyone around me was trying to
rush through all the good things that were
going on in their lives, just because they
seemed to have that little bad day and it just
couldn't have gotten worse. They had it in
their heads where if they just got through the
next week or month or YEAR without having
to do anything about what had happend to
'ruin' their lives, it would all be better soon. I
say have patience, and everything will work
out. Time works out the kinks, even if it is
painful enduring how slow it flows.

[ Life in the Rain ]
Summary: Okay, it was almost dark out and
it was the calm before the storm [meaning
PERFECT weather: warm, light breeze, sun
belly up and almost gone with a clear night
sky at one end and clouds at the other], so
how could I not write anything about it?

[ Loving Lyrics ]
Summary: This is a project that I had to do
for my English class in my Freshman year of
High School. xD That was two years ago. o_o
How time flies... Anyway, it was supposed to
be about someone you liked, if they were real
or not, it didn't matter... and at that time I was
obbsessed with Squall Leonhart 'cause I
couldn't stop playing the game and do my
schoolwork. e_e I regret it now. In any case,
I tried my best to make it sound like I was
talking about Squall, but that just totally
flopped and the only thing in there that could
remind anyone of Squall is the hair and eyes.
The rest of it is just my poetic nonsense.