I wanted to get a few things up.. but it will take a
little while. Until then, this is a little something to look
at for checking and seeing if there was anything yet.
[ AoM - Secret Passages ]

Chapter : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Summary: First part of the now Anguish of
Mind(AoM) fanfiction series done by yours truely. This
starts off the beginning of a misunderstanding that will
hopefully keep everyone laughing, smiling and even a
little bit of crying when they read it.

[ AoM - Forbidden Gardens ]

Chapter : 1

Summary: The second part to the series, following
Rinoa's experience as soon as she left Balamb Garden
and was out on her own. Can't tell you any more than

[ AoM - Improvised Free Time ]

Chapter : 1

Summary: This story was turned into the third and
last installment to the AoM series, where everything
seems to either fall into place or just totally fall apart. I
haven't decided which one to write yet, but I know
how it will happen if it works out or if it will just fall
apart forever.