Thanks for checkin this part out, I guess. Not much
to see though. ^-^

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SunShine DixieLand; My dad's
publishing website. You people should check it out, it's
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Um... Let's see. There's a lot of
Final Fantasy VIII stuff
in here. All of that is in the fan fictions and a few of my
drawings are fan art of FF Characters. Those have
their own disclaimers, but the music on the index page.
:D That's from
Naruto, a TV show that my little brother
and I started watching. I like the song, even if it
doesn't have anything to do with anything I've written
for this site. The picture of the creature in the tree
stump is a ceramic forest piece that I made in my
freshmen year of high school. The creature is a moogle
and it seen through out the Final Fantasy video game
series. The Artwork on the Reverie page goes to
because she was cool enough to let me use it. ^-^ I
think that's all. If I add more things that have
something belonging to other people in them, I'll
report it here.

All of You:

Thanks for coming to this rundown collection of my
favorite pieces. It means a lot that people actually come
here and read this stuff of mine. I might even add
some of my drawings later on down the line when I
have more time. Thanks again.