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                Pax Americana

Republic of Liberty!   Realm of Freedom!   Nation under God
In meekness, said weakness, we suffered the slaughter of innocents
The calculated, deliberate, murder... of thousands of our citizens
Who so loves life...   and the pursuit of human happiness
Does not, with impudence, take those rights from others
Into this carnage of war, that evil, our forces compel
To engage the oppressor in bitter battle, to kill the enemy
To destroy the destroyers... those sadistic régimes of hell
The most precious blood will purchase peace...
The helpless have not, will not, be spared...
Demonic cowards, saddamites, cringe behind human shields
All innocent blood cries out from the ground...
Humanity, with God's blessing, must avenge that honored flow
Humanity, without God's blessing, no future... of hope and peace
                                    will ever know.

Americana!  Americana!  we shall hear their cries forever
They lifted their hands... the hopeless... crying out to us
We failed them... their children were butchered
God strengthen our resolve... to right this wrong
Having taken up arms in a just and righteous cause
We must not falter...  We must not fail...  We must press on
Not looking back, but looking up, we struggle toward the prize
Faith and Hope and Love and Peace... in all humanities eyes
Though savage the battles rage... this wind will never cease
This wind of the coming age... the coming age of peace
"As humanity thinks itself to be" so shall it be
God grant us, we pray... this blessed serenity
Never shall we bend... nor bow... nor break in terror
In our souls we have true peace... peace that stands.

                   Stephen Wayne

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