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4157859; 2001
black mare
Fourth generation
granddaughter of
Glabber Bar
0077182; 1954
chestnut stallion
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Wins: 12; 2nds: 11;
3rds: 6; Earnings
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                    The Keeper of Horses

Looking up, through the windows of my soul, I saw in a night vision
What lonely prophets have seen before… a rider upon a great red horse
One whose image was like unto the Son of Man  
Robed in the Righteousness of Spirit God
His countenance brighter than the noonday sun
His garments of purest white, stained with blood
From those wounds He received in the house of a friend
And with him were other great horses, sorrel horses, speckled and white
He dismounted and stood among the myrtle trees in the river bottom
Beside that river of waters made sweet with the Waters of Life
And I spoke with the Spirit of God among the myrtle trees
Saying, “My Lord, pray tell this thy servant, whose are these?”
“These are those sent by the Holy One of all Creation
Commanding that they walk to and fro upon the earth”

And they answered the man among the myrtle trees
Saying, “We have walked to and fro upon the earth
And all the earth lies still; and all the world is at peace.”
Then I dared again to speak to him among the myrtle trees
Saying, “My Lord and My God, how long will these things be?
How long will the heathen rage, and the wicked prevail?
How long will innocent blood run red upon this ground?
How long will death have power, and demons wail?
How long will the evil one reign in the hearts of men?
How long will the curse remain… will the earth mourn forever?
How long my Lord...  my Liege...  how long?
But He, among the myrtle trees, spoke comforting words to me
“Be not afraid, be strong of Faith, and with Hope; in Love believe
I Am the Prince, I have overcome, and all that lives… I conceive”

Forgive this worm, my Lord, forgive me… but once more let me speak
The camp of the Saint’s is surrounded… demons of death and hate mocking…
The abomination of desolation is sitting in the once holy places
Satan has come as an angel of light with signs and wonders to deceive
The congregations of men have fallen away… a remnant of the faithful remain
The legions of darkness have risen from the abyss… as locusts they cover all
They devour the gardens of Eden… the earth trembles beneath them…
They are a plague of bitter destruction… the daughters of Zion have fled
The daughters of the harlot drink the blood of saints in the valley of Jessreel
Who can stand against them?  Who can be saved before Megiddo?
Who will stand with the Spirit of God?  Who will be clothed in His
Is there not a preacher to speak… is there not a prophet in all of Israel?
“Be still, and know that I Am God… wait upon my Spirit and rise up with
Wash your rags in My Blood…My child… and ride with the Keeper of Horses."

Post Script: Religion can not, will not, save anyone... from anything.  Religion,
in fact, propagates human conflicts which lead to horrible degradations of war,
and ultimately, death. Life must love... to live. Ultimate human salvation will
only come by thinking, doing, being... righteous. That which is good... brings
forth goodness... that which is evil... remains evil... in every generation.
Therefore... I would not be a religious man... as Spirit God... is not religious.
              Stephen Wayne

Letter to my Father:

Dear Dad,
I hope you find what I have written here to be true to the Word.
Much of what I write is not important. This I believe to be an important work...
as our nation is now engaged in a "Religious" war. As a scribe, writer, who I
am is not important... only the message.
I hope this letter finds you and Mom well and happy.
I love you guys!

Copyright SunShine DixieLand Company 2008           
These three sonnets are based on some of my favorite
ancient writings... the night visions of the prophet Zechariah.
His poetical use of the power and majesty of the horse in
prophesying the ultimate salvation of humanity, has always
fascinated me. These sonnets (as sonnets should be) were
written to be read aloud. This reading is for my good friend
Silvia... Who is also... a Keeper of Horses.